Friday, July 23, 2010

CIM colour choices for Saturday's Fish & Calla Demo!

Since all our glass is carefully mummified in bubble-wrap burritos, I've decided to use some of the luscious CIM colours available at the Glass Shoppe Studio for my demo! PURE PRACTICALITY, I promise! ;)
My fish and callas are fantasy lifeforms so there's no end to colour options. I'm leaning towards translucent purples and greens, though, like Crocus and Kryptonite.

Glassworking Demo
"How To Shape Hot Glass Fantasy Fish Beads and Calla Lily Pendants"
by Heather Stewart and Andrea Steinwand of Hearts of Glass Flameworked Talismans
Saturday, June 24th
1pm to 4pm
Glass Shoppe Studio
210 Colonnade Rd, Unit 12A
It is a free event and everyone is welcome!

See you soon!

ALSO: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA!!! We're going out for pupusas with family tonight and mojitos with friends later on. Feliz cumpleanos mi amor!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Very First Hearts of Glass Ottawa Demo & Show!

A few weeks ago we visited Grace Edward's Glass Shoppe to watch Evelyn "Shebamakeda" Duberry's Goddess bead demonstration. It was such a cool demonstration and such a wonderful studio space that we immediately began dreaming of one day doing a demonstration of our own there!

That day has some sooner than we expected! Grace was kind enough to offer us a demonstration event next Saturday, June 24th from 1 to 4pm at the Glass Shoppe Studio, 210 Colonnade Rd, Unit 12A. It is a free event and everyone is welcome!

I'm going to demonstrate a glass fish bead and an off-mandrel calla lily pendant.

These designs are both excellent for showing a wide variety of shaping techniques that beginner lampworkers can apply to their own work. I'll cover studio safety and tools, glass colour reaction theory, pulling cane, frit application, loops, dots, trapped bubbles, and more!

Andrea will talk about some of her jewellery finishing techniques, share booth display tips and tricks and show off the current Hearts of Glass collection. We'll be having a trunk show of some of our favorite work as well, and we'll be placing some pieces on consignment at the Studio afterwards.

We're both so excited about this fun opportunity. I look forward to seeing curious "glass virgins" and experienced lampworkers who are into gathering with other glass-obsessives. Maybe my family will come by too! Any time I get to torch and nerd out on glass (especially with fellow glass nerds) is a great time in my books!