Monday, February 28, 2011

Triton glass, camera death and show planning!

My camera died recently, which is sad. It was only around three years old, which seesm to be how long technology lasts these days. We've since gotten a new-to-us version (on our beloved kijiji) and we're still learning the ropes! But in the meantime, I made and sold a very cool piece that I'd like to share, even though it was only ever documented on my grainy cellphone camera.

This flattened-bicone piece features gravity-stretched coppered-opal-yellow and silvered-ivory stripes on silvered effetre black. (I've moved away from the CiM black I'd been trying as it tends to spread and eat detailed designs). As a crowning touch, I added trails of razor-cut Triton silver glass under clear. The result was very iridescent, mostly blue-green with hints of pinky-purple. I added simple polished disc beadcaps and wire-wrapped it horizontally on 26ga sterling wire to a nice thick sterling chain with an adjustable lobster clasp and two 4mm coordinating teal-veined jasper accent beads. After I took it out of the tumble polisher, I was really happy with the sleek result and plan to make more in this general design!

Andrea and I also made a nice batch of Captive Drop earrings for upcoming shows. What shows, you ask? Well, we're still figuring that out... Andrea's been researching some of the many spring and summer art shows in Ottawa. It's a whole new environment for us so we're trying to pick the best fit for our work. Any suggestions are appreciated! Stay tuned for the first batch of confirmed shows in the enar future!

I'd also like to apologise to anyone who got an error message from this site in the past week. It took me forever to figure out what the problem was and I finally had to remove the links to my blog list. I'll test them again in a while and will add them back to my site if the problem is gone.