Thursday, February 2, 2012

End-of-Year Show Photos and Commentary!

Well, December and January went flying by madly and nary a blog post was made! Lots of news, but before we get to that, I want to finally share a recap of the two big shows we did at the end of 2011!

The first and biggest event was the Ottawa Glass Bead Artists show!

Andrea and I have worked to streamline and simplify our display for our smoothest setup ever. Andrea also made two collapsable spinning displays, on which we hung many sets of loose beads. They were a huge hit at this show, which had a high proportion of artists and designers.

We had some neat new focal pieces for this show, including some more abstract layered encased pieces.

Our final show of the year was our first self-hosted home studio show, inspired by our wonderful Winnipeg traditions of home shows hosted by Sumak Studios.

Home studio shows have a very different feel and flow from public events - very relaxed and comfortable.

I found it very low-stress and was delighted at how well our home performed as a showcase for our work!

As with all home studio shows, it was intimate, without huge crowds. Those who came knew our work and were excited to choose something special! We made a select group of invited shoppers and the lucky recipients of their gifts very happy. I even did a studio demonstration or two! (I should have photographed the studio - it was so tidy!)

Andrea and I were both really happy with the outcomes of the show and we look forward to hosting a second home studio sale in spring 2012! Hope to see you there.