Sunday, September 27, 2009

Studio and Florals

I'm back on the floral wagon, but not without casualties. This pretty thing I created a few days ago in my first floral foray in several weeks. The petals are a TAD less punchy than I prefer, but I love the background and the colours.
Today, not so successful. Although it seemed like it would be at first! I was working on a floral and because of the way I sorely abuse the glass as I make stamen beads, it thermal shocked and cracked an early stage. I managed to re-heat it and heal the crack... no problems, right? I thought everything was fine and put the lovely into the kiln after over an hour of shaping and layering. Well, boo! Halfway through the session I was adding another mandrel when I saw my beautiful floral bead cracked in half, broken in the kiln. That hasn't happened to me in a long time but the loss doesn't lose its sting, it seems. :P
I spent the rest of the session making simple frit-swirl beads.
On a cheerier note, if you have a dingy corner of your home and you're wondering whether a coat of fresh paint will *really* make a difference or not, check out this action:

Studio Before - - - - - Studio After

I'm LOVING working in the bright "new" space!


LiseF said...

Really love your Floral Stamen, simply perfect

Hearts of Glass said...

Thank you, Lise! I'm running low on this cane and I want to make a new one with a layer of white petals on the outside, in a Japanese style similar to what you've been doing lately with your lilies!