Saturday, January 31, 2009

First piece of 2009

We took a break for the first few weeks of 09 to recharge our batteries, re-organize the studio, and inventory our supplies and creations.
Just the other day I finally got back on the torch again to make a custom order for a friend. Here it is, our first of the year!
It's one of our Goddess of Willendorf inspired pendants, in cobalt blue glass with light silver fuming. I finally managed to keep it wide and flat, so that it would lie flat on the neck. I had worried that this would interfere with the flow of the body, but I'm actually thrilled with how she turned out. It's very "Willendorf" but also very liquid-looking. I hope my friend likes it!


Elly said...

Oh, I really like her shape!!
Her bum is the BEST, and I like the way you solved the 'leg' dilemma I always have. She's almost ethereal!

Hearts of Glass said...

Thanks, Elly! I love your "fairy godmother" goddesses too. :)
I'd always creased the line between the legs in previous goddesses, and I almost did this time too. But in the end I left it because it just looked "done", and I'm glad. Simple is better in this case!
(I also managed to avoid torpedo breasts, for once! I had a bit of a fixation, it seems!)