Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Flameworking Studio

Heather melting a glass gather on the torch. (It's from last year with our old workbench)

Andrea putting a finished bead into our AIM 84-BD digitally-controlled firebrick kiln.

Augh! Oh, no, wait... It's just our studio. It's okay. We know it's creepy-looking! Look past the spooky walls and you'll see our 350CFM exhaust fan, natural gas connection, tiled and sheet-metaled workbench, active glass rod organizer, and lots of tool storage. The corner bench was made by Andrea as part of a theatre set, and assembled by her using extra 2 x 4s and countertop offcuts from our home renovation projects.

Here's a close-up of our beloved Bethlehem Piranha bench burner. The green line brings us oxygen from our two oxygen concentrators.

Here's the good stuff! Part of our glass rod storage - our opaques and half our transparents. Each rod of glass has its own properties and behaviours in the flame. Some are regular price, others are super-expensive. We just reorganized our storage and it's so inspiring to see all those colours together. Isn't it lovely?

These are some of our graphite shaping tools. We use the plain one most, of course, followed by the Osibin Shaper on the far left. The others are newer toys. I've had good success with the lentil shaper, second from the right.

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