Thursday, February 12, 2009

Exciting Colours

Andrea and I have come a long way since we started melting glass in 2003, as two mid-20s women who had recently arrived in Winnipeg. Resources were scarce and we were very frugal with our emerging passion for glass. Black, ivory, amber and turquoise were my favorite colours at that time (heck, I still love them!). It was a year or so before I would even splurge for a single rod of ruby-gold... But since then we've expanded and improved our glass collection and tools every year. We bought a house, built a studio and grew our glass hobby into a flourishing part-time art micro-business. But I think I've held on to my hesitance to spoil myself with "fancy" glass colours.

Until now!

For the first time ever we're venturing outside the familiar world of Effetre (and to a lesser degree, Vetrofond) and plunging into the heady waters of Creation is Messy glass. Many thanks to Kandice Seeber of Colouraddiction for the detailed reviews that helped me make my picks! I'm very excited about Leaky Pen, a saturated dark teal.We're imagining dramatic possibilities for Charcoal, a deep transparent grey. Cirrus will add a misty, milky effect to encasing and sculptural work.
And two versions of improved true blacks will make me happy since I love using it as a canvas for silver reactions. Finally, a denser white called Peace will help keep my floral petals from going transparent in my tiniest flowers. And I did totally splurge on one rod of Bordello, a fancy deep garnet red, to feed my red red floral addiction. Even though I have a lot of transparent red already. :) I'm so excited! Stay tuned down the road for the results of my new colour experimentations.

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