Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stocking Up!

I've been working on year-end inventory figures over the past several weeks, and the results are interesting. Especially since I'm getting to the fun part, which is determining what I'm going to put in our big glass order of the year... :)

As of year end 2008, we have nearly 80 pounds of raw glass cane in our studio!
Now, why would we ever need MORE than 80 pounds of glass, you might ask? (Other than the fact that it's... so pretty...)

Well, around 30 pounds of that glass is a fabulous stash of clear borosilicate rods, passed from garage to garage for around 15 years, that we recently received from friends. Sweet! But, that doesn't help us with our soft glass colour needs - and in fact it's encouraging us to buy more delicious, delicious boro colour rods! (I'm taking a stand against exploring even more cool glass COE ranges, like Bullseye or Satake. It's gorgeous, but where would we store it???)

Another factor influencing us to stock up is that according to my calculations we melted over 25 pounds in 2008! And we burn through our staple colours like black, white, ivory and especially clear very quickly.

And our final motivation is that we expect to create on an even greater scale in 2009!

It's like having a well-stocked kitchen: we need all the spices and flavours on hand, though we absolutely can't manage without the basics.

Plus, glass is... so... pretty. :)

More on what I'm craving in my next post!

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