Friday, February 13, 2009

New HoG Earrings on Etsy

Here are some earrings that I made and photographed in December and have finally listed on Etsy. I'm so glad I did, because I really like these ones!
Carnelian Drops is lush and fun. I really love working with that colour of glass! Your eyes are not deceiving you; they ARE ever-so-slightly different shades of deep coral-rose. Carnelian is a very unpredictable flame-striking colour and it turns out slightly different every time, even though I made these two together on one mandrel. I think the harmonious tones add depth and personality to the earrings.River rocks is a similar chain-dangle style with a completely different mood. This one is earthy and serene. I love how silvered ivory looks under drops of clear. The tiny fritted ivory accent beads are threaded onto the delicate silver chain, so they can move freely while the main beads dangle below. The best part is that these earrings will go with almost any outfit!
Finally, I just finished listing Bubblegum Gelato, which I describe as "sweet and geometric, like cupcakes made by a math prof grandma." Maybe I am overdoing it with the similes... Or maybe I am overdoing it just enough? You tell me. :)


Erin said...

Hey! I just found out I'm in Winnipeg in May for work! And it's luck that I found your blog tonight. Do any retail outlets sell your beads? I'm diggin some of the colours and I'm just beginning to dabble in lamp work (or drip glass all over the place, whatever you prefer)! Beautiful work!

Hearts of Glass said...

Cool, Erin! I'm teaching an intermediate class on May 9th at Prairie Stained Glass - it would be really fun to have you there! We don't yet have a steady retail partner, but if you want you can come by and check out our studio. Shoot me an email at hogtalismans (at) gmail (dot) com!