Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Captive Drop" Earrings

Andrea and I have finally come up with a name for our "handforged locking earrings": Captive Drops! What do you think? Also, I'm really happy with how the earring construction has continued to evolve from the first few sets!

The top two orange-coral swirl "Solar Flair" earrings are special orders. They look the same size in those photos but they really aren't! The earhooks and beadcaps as the same but one has tiny 7mm beads, and the other has 11mm beads. The photo below shows the real proportions:

The next two are freshly listed on Etsy!

Mountain Thaw (my favorite!)

Cresyl Violet (a tiny pair for purple lovers!)


Becky said...

What a gorgeous design, perfect and simple !

Hearts of Glass said...

Thank you! My favorite thing about them is their comfort. I've been wearing my own pair 24/7 for about 6 months. :) Thanks for reminding me that we need to make more.