Monday, January 25, 2010

First bead of 2010

I got the new compressor filter installed in my 2nd oxygen concentrator, so I'm back up to full power! On Thursday I made this floral. I'm happy with the striping (it's better in real life than in the photo - I seem to have captured the one area where it faded out!). And the pink floral is actually the pinkest and least mooshy I've made, though still rather scummy. Rubino Oro, you are a harsh mistress. (Yes, I used an oxidizing flame and worked slowly and far out... any other suggestions?) Luckily, in real life it is only about the size of a big marble, so you only see the micro-scum if you look very closely.

I also made a batch of forged earrings that I'm very happy with. I don't have any shows coming up so I think I'll actually post them on Etsy! My poor shop has been so neglected and I look forward to sprucing it up.


RandomPrettyThings said...

That is so gorgeous! How did I not know you gals were making such beautiful things over there?!

ABCcreativity said...


Hearts of Glass said...

Thanks, Alana and Andrea! Alana, I thought you know I melted glass? I'm glad you posted though! Now I've found your website and flickr site. :) (I follow Andrea's blog too and am loving the journaling page textures!)
Funny how I am getting such nice feedback to this bead even thought I think this is a terrible photo. I think there is something about pink that people really react to positively! I'll try to play with it more often. :)