Friday, May 7, 2010

New Captive Drop lockable earrings and Amanita bracelet set

Andrea made the latest batch of Captive Drop earrings. It was cool, I showed her how I made them a couple of times, and I hand-wrote a step-by-step process in our ideas and special orders book. She has a way higher aptitude for metalwork than I do so she was able to get it perfect right off the bat and after one practice pair she took on a big batch of around 15 pairs. Hmph! The first 6 or 8 prototypes I made while trying to design this style were terrible, and here she is being brilliant from the get-go? Cheeky, I call it.

Actually Andrea did all the benchwork for this show, and I did all the torchwork. It's turning into our typical division of labour! Andrea's designs with my glass were really gorgeous this week - I'm especially impressed with some of the cluster pendants she made with "extra" beads that weren't planned to match but just *did* - beautifully - when she put them together. Amazing eye.

Oh, I did design one piece - Amanita, inspired by the classic red-topped fairy mushroom but heavily abstracted. I made that one from a sketch and it turned out pretty true to my idea. Andrea did the pendant and the actual assembly, though, because I got distracted on the torch.

Ruby Granite Captive Drop EarringsElation Captive Drop EarringsAmanita Bracelet
Amanita pendant

Now we're all ready for tonight's show opening night! I look forward to seeing some familiar and new faces at our final Winnipeg show.

Elm Street Artisan Open Studio
395 Elm Street
Fri May 7 5-10pm
Sat May 8 10am-5pm
Sun May 9 10am-5pm

Hearts of Glass's last show, Sumak Designs gemstone and silver, Formations in Metal designs, Pauls' Exotic Pens (lathe-turned), and Donna's Handmade Soap.

Refreshments provided, new visitors & familiar faces welcome!

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