Monday, May 3, 2010

Our tidy jewellery studio!

So our house is currently on the market in preparation for our move to Ottawa. Everything's gotten a bit condensed because I just got a great Ottawa-based job in my field! It's looking like we'll be able to get a little house in the fall once my job probation period ends. We won't be ready for the Winter 2010 season but we should be up and running for Spring/Summer 2011!
We've been completely spoiled this spring with *three* studios - paint, glass and jewellery. It wasn't always like this - we've had renovations most of the time taking up space and making messes. Everything always looks the most amazing right after you've decluttered and tidied everything up for selling. We're trying to think of this as "our *first* house" now, rather than "our house" because otherwise it would be too heartbreaking. It really helps to know that we'll be in a fairly solid position in Ottawa, and we'll be gardening with friends this summer so we should make it through! Hopefully we'll make some glassworking friends and can get some hits of glassmelting in until our own studio comes out of storage.
For now, this is our last week of glass and jewellery work before our final big show at 395 Elm Street, May 7-9! We're having fun and managing to make a surprising amount of new work considering how busy things have become. And I must admit, it's pretty awesome working in a tidy and decluttered studio!

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