Monday, July 23, 2012

Pulling a 28-Segment Pink Star Stamen Cane!

Here are the promised pics of my recent creation of a fabulous star-centred pink 28-segment stamen cane!

I started with five encased element canes, in a gradation from white to pale pink to dark pink to coral and finally red. The white was was a star-murrine that I made years ago and happened to be exactly the right scale for a stamen element.

Making each element cane takes time, but the really painstaking part is the assembly! I stacked these carefully together, gently flame-fusing them without distorting them. It's hard because they're tiny, and especially in the first few layers there is a very fine line between getting so hot that it loses its shape, and getting so cool that it cracks or explodes. I also seal the crevices with swipes of clear, to help maintain the shape when I melt it for the pull.

Over the next 90 minutes or so it grows into a huge fat cylinder!

Melting it solid.
Attaching the second punty.
Starting to pull.
Stretching gently...
Then harder as the glass begins to chill.
Cutting the final cane with cane cutters.

The payoff!

This piece has one white star centre element, three pale pink segments, six dark pink segments, six coral segments and twelve red segments.

And for your viewing pleasure (if I do say so myself!) here is a sneak preview of one of the three breakthrough florals I made with this cane yesterday!

All in all it took over two hours start to finish just to build the cane. Let's see if I can speed this process up a bit for my free demo on Friday July 27th at the Glass Shoppe Studio!

I'm thrilled with the small adjustments I made to my floral process as well, and I can't wait to share it with my students at the Floral Class, Saturday July 28th!

Full pics of yesterday's three new florals to follow! My favorites ever.

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