Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Florals for the Demo and Sale Tomorrow

I can't believe the stamen demo and sale is Friday, and Friday is tomorrow! I've got all my gear set up and ready to go. Primary among them are my three most recent florals! Thank you Andrea for preparing and packing all our work for sale, and for photographing these beads!
This one is super bright and tropical, with rainbow cane

This one is cool and refreshing, and has sparkle-pink stripy cane. It is already sold. It is the most perfect floral I have ever made, in terms of symmetry, sharpness and detail.

This one is minty and reactive, with subtle coloration. It's got some elegant movement in the floral. 

These are all made with my latest pink star stamen cane. For the demo I've decided to make a yellow, orange, red and black stamen... and I'll add the white star to the centre too, just for fun!

We'll see you there! It's at 210 Colonnade, off Merivale or Price of Wales, 7pm-9pm.

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