Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pics from 2012 Encased Floral Class at GSS (Belated Mid-Hiatus Update)

Savvy Hearts of Glass readers may have picked up on the fact that we're on a glass hiatus! As I mentioned in my last post, back in July 2012, we've packed up the torching studio and moved from Ottawa to Edmonton, where we don't have the space or time to devote to melting stuff for a few years.

I just realized I never posted photos from my stamen demo and encased floral class. We had to move just a few weeks afterwards and things were hectic at the time. Grace took some fantastic photos so I wanted to share. 

The Stamen Cane Demo on Friday July 27, 2012 at the Glass Shoppe Studio.

Pulling an encased component cane (yellow, I think?)

Stacking the encased component canes into the stamen bundle.

Heating the bundle evenly for the pull.

The pull (it went pretty well if I do say so myself!)

Saturday, July 28 2012. Teaching the encased floral class the following day. Students also made a simplified stamen cane of their own to try out the technique. 

Great pic of the final shaping, where I'm trying to pat and chase out the air channels to avoid bubbles. I'm using my own version of a graphite shaping tool that Grace sells at the Glass Shoppe Studio. My favorite tool!

The final floral I made in class. That's the stamen cane I made in the demo on Friday, and it turned out fantastic! I used the black triple-elements judiciously this time and kept it fairly thick in the pull (maybe 5-6mm?) so it makes quite an impression.

A pretty good note to pause on. Thanks so much to Grace for all her support! We've discussed the possibility of a future floral class someday, and we're both open to the idea.  

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