Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Lampwork Weekend

Andrea and I don't have family in Winnipeg so we just enjoyed a few phone visits to Edmonton and Ottawa and then spent the rest of the long weekend getting ready for our show next weekend at Fort Whyte! Our one nod to the season was making these adorable boiled eggs dyed with onionskins for our breakfast. It was so easy and fun!

We've been moving our jewellery assembly studio from the guest room to take over our whole former bedroom now that we're sleeping in the lovely renovated attic loft. Andrea got a great tall desk that they were getting rid of at her work, and it makes a great workbench! She painted it from red to grey so it wouldn't interfere with our colour perception.

Between our recent gem and silver orders and our marathon bead making of the past few weeks, we've got a lot of components to assemble! Here's a sneak preview of our work in progress...

And here's one of the outcomes!

It's called Laza Tigress - a gorgeous (if I do say so myself!) bracelet in our Laza Tiger colour theme.. beads made by me, constructed into its finished form by Andrea.


Rickie said...

This bracelet is just gorgeous---what a great collaboration.

Hearts of Glass said...

Thank you, Rickie! :)