Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two styles of bracelets

Our Fort Whyte show is coming up in just two sleeps! We're happily finishing up our preparations - stay tuned for some new earrings and some calla and butterfly pendants I'm very proud of. Today, though, I'd going to showcase our two main bracelet styles.

We've been recycling old leather belts into leather cuff bracelets with borosilicate glass buttons. These are *really* fun to make!

Our ornate silver and gemstone accented lampwork bracelets are also really rewarding to create. I'm really happy with my latest two designs: Devonian and Retro Futuristic.

We have so much more than we can possibly blog about, so if you want to see more the best way is to come out to the Crafts Museum and Library Artisan Sale at the Fort Whyte nature centre this weekend at 1961 McCreary Rd!

It's a nature and historic interpretive centre in south Winnipeg. Saturday will have the best selection of handmade goods, while Sunday will have the most gorgeous weather and a special Sod Hut Pioneers event! See you there...

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