Friday, April 3, 2009

Warm Welcome to KEBO, Laura, Meagan and Lise!

As a new blogger, I am tickled pink to see that four people have become the first to follow the Hearts of Glass Blog!

The first two ladies are both from the U.K. I seem to be following quite a few blogs from there. I must like the way they spell "jewellery". I'm Canadian, eh?

KEBO Jewellery Designs is Kelly Boulter. I love name contraction business names - my friend Susan's jewellery business, Sumak, did that too and it works on many levels. Anyway, I follow the KEBO blog and highly recommend it!

Laura Sparling has a blog called Beads By Laura (which I also follow), famous for its adorable glass cupcake beads! She also posts knitting patterns and beautifully decorated real cupcakes.

Meagan is from sunny Florida, where there is *not* still two feet of snow on the ground. Not that I'm bitter! ;) She has a website called The Jeweled Lizard where she sells and discusses her own lampworked creations.

Lise is more mysterious, [edit - she's introduced herself in the comments, along with a link to her blog! Hi Lise!] but I do know that she is a fellow lampworker and I believe that she's also a fellow Canadian, since she's following several other Canadian blogs and is a French speaker. I adore French - "perles de verre fabriquées au chalumeau" has such a lovely ring to it!

So thank you, ladies, for reading our first few months of stories about our glass adventures!


LiseF said...
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LiseF said...

Thank you for your Warm Welcome,
I am very please to have the possibility to read your news

Lise F. (Montréal, Québec)
Blog adress:
April 3, 2009 19:05 PM

Heather said...

Thank you for your link, Lise! How lucky you are to live in Montreal. My sister lived there for years, it's such a cool city. :)