Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Greetings and thank-yous to all you mothers out there. Specifically my own mother, if she reads this! Hi Mom! I tried to call my mom and grandmother this morning but struck out both times - they were out on the town or already on the phone. Sometimes it's sad to live so far from family! We did have a lovely breakfast with some friends of ours and their little girl, at the fabulous Black Sheep Cafe. MMm, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure breakfast!

Andrea and I had a pretty productive weekend. I taught Beadmaking II at Prairie Stained Glass, with Sean, Jenny, Sandy, Krista and Kat. In Winnipeg that class rarely fills up so every time I get to teach it is a treat! It's so much fun to be able to explore beyond the basics and watch people making fish, gravity swirls, encased harlequins, basic florals and off-mandrel leaves for the first time. You guys did great - keep it up! :)

I also made a weird boro pendant in a style I'd like to explore further. It's a riff on our Gorget pendants, crossed with our Tilde toggles, but it doesn't have a name yet... though I guess Tilde Gorget would do! The photograph was taken while Andrea was planting some of our seedlings into bigger containers, and starting some new batches.

Now it's games night time! Hooray!


Rickie said...

Very cool shape on that pendant, Heather. I like the way you used it in your design.

Hearts of Glass said...

Thank you, Rickie! We're looking forward to making more versions. :)