Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shells and Fish

Rickie Voges's recent ocean-themed posts, and my rediscovery of a sculpted glass shell bead that I made a year or two ago, reminded me to revist some of my watery lampwork designs. First I made a very, very purple fish with enormous eyes, for my niece Christina who has been patiently waiting for one for ages. She'll have to wait a few more weeks until we visit Edmonton to give it to her in person!

I really enjoy making my hollow conch shells but I haven't made any in ages! The first one I made yesterday was wide with a translucent carnelian glass core and inner-layer, coated in opal yellow and decorated with silvered ivory shards and dots:

The second one was longer and more tapered, made of amethyst and silver-fumed white glass with a frilled lip:

This type of hollow glass conch shell *may* even be a unique design... at least, I came up with it on my own and haven't seen any quite like it. Not much is new under the sun but it's fun to explore nonetheless!


Rickie said...

Oh wow! I saw these in the LE gallery and had to come over here and take another look. I LOVE your fish--it's just the cutest thing ever, and that ivory shell with the frilled lip is really special. Ya'll need to do more of those--they are terrific. Glad my goodies got you thinking about the ocean side of things--I love where you took your creativity! Now I want to see what gorgeous piece of jewelry you make with your new pretties!

Hearts of Glass said...

Thanks Rickie! I'm really stoked to make more of them. Probably we'll make relatively simple pendants as they'd be a bit too large for bracelets! And they're already quite complex and detailed on their own. But maybe one will tell me it needs to be made into a fabulous necklace... If I do that I'll definitely post it! :)